fancy chocolate

fancy chocolate

After I made many gifts of truffles for Christmas last year, this year I am making homemade chocolate bars. For this you need molds* and of course chocolate*. I always use high quality chocolate* for such purposes, because you can really taste the difference when you eat it just pure. 

decoration for chocolate

There are many possibilities for decoration, but it should be small pieces so that there is still enough space for the chocolate in the mold.


-chopped pistachios

-chocolate flakes

-chopped chocolate rolls

-dried chopped raspberries*

-almond brittle

To ensure that the chocolate will later become completely solid again and break nicely, the chocolate must be tempered. I have chosen the method with cocoa butter*, as this is the easiest method from my point of view. I have carefully melted the chocolate over a double boiler and let it cool down to 33°C (white chocolate and milk) or 34°C (dark chocolate). You can do this for the different varieties in parallel or one after the other, just keep the chocolate warm on lukewarm water for as long as necessary so that no variety cools down too quickly. When all the chocolates have cooled down to this temperature, stir in 1% cocoa butter* (i.e. 1g for 100g chocolate) until it has melted completely. It is advisable to use a high-resolution scale* and a thermometer* to choose the right time and quantity.


Now fill the decoration into the mold as desired. Take care not to use too much so that the chocolate can still surround it. After the chocolate is tempered, pour it into the mold already filled with decoration and ideally let it harden at 14-16°C. After one hour the chocolate should be completely hard to be released from the mold.


If you are also in the mood for truffles, have a look here

molds with decoration

fancy chocolate

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