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chocolate flame truffles
I took out my amazing flame truffle mould* from Silikomart and made a few pieces for my Christmas truffle collection. The recipes are very simple, but for the chocolates to shine and not to bloom you have to temper the chocolate*. My favorite method for this is with cocoa butter*. I have carefully melted the chocolate over a water bath and let it cool down to 33°C. Then stir in 1% cocoa butter* (i.e. 1g for 100g chocolate) until it has melted completely. For this it is useful to use a high...
fancy chocolate
After I made many gifts of truffles for Christmas last year, this year I am making homemade chocolate bars. For this you need molds* and of course chocolate*. I always use high quality chocolate* for such purposes, because you can really taste the difference when you eat it just pure.
cranberry white chocolate fudge
Today we have the recipe for delicious cranberry fudge with white chocolate. I love little treats like this and could snack on them all the time, but this is what it is made for. You only need a few ingredients and a mould* (about 18x18 cm or similar) in which the fudge can be chilled. I find a silicone mould* most practical, because you can easily release the fudge from it. Put 450g white chocolate, 225ml sweetened condensed milk* and 1 teaspoon glucose syrup* in a pot and stir at low...
chocolate bombs for hot chocolate
If you are always looking for new ideas for homemade gifts like me, this is the right thing for you. Homemade chocolate bombs for hot chocolate are a big trend right now. This makes every hot chocolate an unique experience. The effect is simply spectacular, and they are actually quite easy to make for anyone if you pay attention to a few basic things, but don't worry, I will explain everything step by step.
bicoloured cupcakes
Peach is my new favourite colour, except of course pink, purple, turquoise, ... :-) I can never decide, but the color combination for my little mini muffins turned out very well this time. I simply baked and decorated mini chocolate muffins. The frosting was ready to use because I was to lazy to make my own. To get this special effect, I dyed about 2/3 in the main color, in my case peach* and the rest in a second color, in my case a combination of purple* and rose*. You also need two piping...
Today I made a small cake for a strawberry fan who actually prefers fruit over cake :-) but for her birthday there has to be a cake anyway. The cake was frosted with Marshmallow Fluff buttercream (250g butter whipped + 200g Marschmallow Fluff* and a splash of white food coloring*) using my approved method for sharp edges. I first applied only white buttercream and in the last step I applied some red* coloured buttercream and spread it with the cake scraper*. Unfortunately you can't see the...
coconut berry cheesecake
Today I baked this delicious coconut berry cheesecake. You only need a tart pan (the German variant which has a indentation)* and the following ingredients:
mermaid cake with sugar foam and macarons
Today I can finally show you my mermaid cake, for which I have been working for weeks on the decoration.
Mother's Day cake
For Mother's Day, I made this little cake. You only need piping bags* and different small piping tips for the decoration. I used the piping tips 10*, 21*, 224* and 32* and prepared a sweetened condensed milk (250g butter whipped and slowly fold in a can of sweetened condensed milk) which I partly dyed in red*. To make the rest of the buttercream white I used white food colouring*. First you draw a heart on the cake with a food pen* and fill it alternately with dots in red. Then you fill the...
tutorial for sugar foam
For my next cake, I have already prepared part of the decoration today. After a long time I made this cool sugar foam again and thought I would share the recipe with you. It works really easy with only two ingredients and the effect is just great.

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