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fault line cake
I tried another variant of a fault line cake because I just love this special kind of cakes with so many option to make it unique. I this case I used candied rose petals and a beautifully rose out of our own garden.
rose wedding cake
I had the the great honor to give this wedding cake to a friend as a present. I was just a simple one tier cake, with not to much decoration but I was still very nervous, because it was an important occasion. The cake is decorated in Marshmallowfluff buttercream (250g butter + 200g Marshmallowfluff) with my method for getting sharp edges. The color is a mixture out of burgundy and rose, but I didn't want the color to be even, the top of the cake should be darker to give a contrast to the...
fault line cake
My first fault line cake was super high, but now I tried out a more "classic" variant with this super cute sugar pearls. If you are looking for a step by step tutorial have a look here. I'm also in love with my new Wilton tip 6B. I hope you love the cake as much as I do.
succulent cupcakes
This mini cupcakes I baked already a few month ago, but didn't have the time yet to post the tutorial for it. Maybe you recognize the cupcakes from my Facebook profile picture.
striped ombre cake with meringue
I wanted to bake an ombre cake for a long time, but I think in combination with buttercream stripes it the ombre effect comes out even better. I prepared the decoration out of meringue already a few days before. You can use them for weeks if you store them dry and airtight. The cake is covered with buttercream out of butter and powder sugar (2:1). I used my reliable method for sharp edges for this.
cookie monster cake
If you are looking for a simple idea for a children's birthday cake or just a simple cute cake, you will love this cookie monster cake.
Today I explain you how to create this super easy sweet sugar cones, with meringue frosting and chocolate cover.
sprinkle fault line cake
I'm so happy to show you today this step by step tutorial for a sprinkle fault line cake. This is the hottest, brand new cake trend. You for sure saw already one of this super smooth cakes with a crack of sprinkles, crystals or sugar pearls. I'm so in love with this elegant cakes. If you think about how to get the buttercream totally smooth, have a look into the sharp edge tutorial. You can us any kind of cake and filling for this technic. To cover the cake I used buttercream out of 500g butter...
meringue rings
After the meringue cookies I baked last week turned out well, I did another trial run with my new Sultane piping tip. The first trial was a total disaster, so I packet it away and every intention to not use it for a long time, but I'm glad I tried again. They could have turned out more even and I still need some training but this time they turned out quite well. You can find the recipe for the meringue cooked here.
Raggio with physalis
I really had to try out my new silicon baking mold. It is the wonderful mold raggio from Silikomart. To bring out the contour very good, I used again my cheesecake recipe, this time with cooked and mashed Physalis. After the cake is filled into the mold, frozen and demolded again I sprayed it with Airbrush in yellow and gold. A few more Physalis for decoration and finished is the gluten free cheesecake.

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