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christmas tree cookies
Did it ever happen to you, that you made a total beginners mistake again after years? Yes today is the day. I made so often Royal Icing that I can't count anymore but this time it went totally wrong. I did not get my color right and kept adding and adding food color. I searched for the right color and forgot to turn the mixer of in between. While using the icing it did not look different but after drying it got this cracks and I knew I overbeat it. First I wanted to redo them but now I love the...
winter forest cake
I baked so many fancy frosted cakes in the last month, but today I'm craving something more simple but still delicious and special looking. So I just baked this chocolate bundt cake in my favorite bundt pan. I used my standard recipe but added 50g cocoa powder, 50g sugar und 5 tablespoons of milk.
chocolate star cookies
For this chocolate cookies you need the following ingredients:
witches caldron
While looking for Halloweenideas I found this cute little caldrons and I thought why not make a Halloween snack out of it. The witches caldrons contain a scary brew with bats and eyeballs.
ghost cake
I was looking for a naked cake which fits for Halloween. Last year I baked a monster cake, so why not this time one with ghosts. As base I used a very chocolaty sponge cake, which I cut out with my adjustable cake ring and filled with meringue frosting. This fits very well because it's super white. On tope I piped with the meringue frosting the ghosts with a Wilton piping tip 1A. The eyes are black sugar pearls. Finished is the super easy ghost cake.
crystal cake
If you don't want to mess around with mirror glaze or you have a silicone mold with a nice structure you don't want to cover this might be an alternative for you. I have this beautiful mold from Silikomart which I want to use in different ways, so I prepared a Gelatine batter out of one package of Gelatine and 4 tablespoons of water. After the Gelatine has set for some minutes I heated it up in a pot till it's melted and brushed it into the mold. After the gelatin is dried slightly I filled in...
brushstroke cupcakes
It was time to make some brushstrokes again, so I just baked some cupcakes. I just used a basic frosting to decorate them and added some fancy brushstrokes in white and purple. You can see how to make them in my brushstroke cake.
fault line cake
I tried again a special variant of a fault line cake. This time I did not use a buttercream but a meringue frosting and also played with the colors. I used the bright colors in the fault line and kept the rest of the cake in white. Also I piped made the fault line flat and piped the rest of the cake. On top I used some of my new favorite sprinkles in the matching colors.
chocolate chocolate muffins
The best chocolate muffins ever. Also great as base for cupcakes.
mini cake with rose
I had to take advantage this year of the beautiful roses in our garden and so I baked another cake. This time just a very small one but it's not about the size but about the taste :-) To frost the cake I used again a Marshmallowfluff buttercream (250g butter at room-temperature whipped and 200g Marshmallowfluff) and my favorite technic to frost a cake upside down. A part of the buttercream I dyed in pink and marbled the cake with it. If you like this cake maybe you visit also the rose fault...

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