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Irish Cream cupcakes
I have a new favorite frosting. These Irish cream cupcakes are just a dream. If you don't like the liqueur or don't want to use it, you can just bake these super delicious chocolate muffins and not decorate them, but the icing puts literally the icing on the cake.
sugar sheet cake
The brand new cake trend 2020 is the decoration with sugar sheets. This is a sugar layer which is placed around the cake or used for decoration. You can achieve amazing effects and the variations are almost limitless. Here I show you how you can easily create a cake with a sugar sheet.
Today we bake a delicious wild berry cheesecake together. This consists of a layer of cake, blue- and blackberries, of course the cheesecake, and a thin layer of fruit glaze. Bake a cake layer and let it cool down. For the cheesecake you need the following ingredients: - 900g cream cheese - 150g sugar - 300 ml (not whipped) cream - 9 leafs of gelatine* and some water and for the berries and the fruit glaze: - 600g wild berries (blue and blackberries or raspberries) - 2 leafs of gelatine* and...
heart cake with cut out effect
Today I will show you how to create this cool cut-out effect on a cake and bake at the same time a lovely Valentine's Day cake for my sweetheart.
wild boar cake
Since my dad is an enthusiastic hunter, I wanted to bake a very special cake for his birthday. 3D cakes are normally not my greatest strength, but practice makes perfect. For this cake I baked 4 layers of a double portion of bundt cake in a baking frame*. I prepared a very simple caramel buttercream as filling and fur of the wild boar. For this you need 250g butter and a tin of caramel cream*. Whip the butter until fluffy and let the cream flow in slowly until it is completely smooth. For this...
adjustable bake molds
You might have recognize that I use for all my baking adjustable cake ring molds*. Because very often questions come up, how you keep the dough inside the mold, I wanted to show you my method. There are different methods like using bread crumbs along the lower edge, some dough which you bake before filling in the rest of the dough or to wrap them with parchment paper. I find all of this methods way to time consuming or complicated. My mom thought me a way easier method with two cake molds* in...
chocolate truffles - 10 different recipes
I wanted to make some chocolate truffles for a long time, but now I had the chance and you can find here 10 easy recipes for the perfect chocolate box, great as a present or to enjoy yourself. No worries, they are all easily made without big practice. Important is to use good chocolate* as it really makes a difference for the taste and your life will be so much easier to temper the chocolate. For some of the I used chocolate shells*, which I did not make myself, but if you like you can du this...
christmas tree cookies
Did it ever happen to you, that you made a total beginners mistake again after years? Yes today is the day. I made so often Royal Icing that I can't count anymore but this time it went totally wrong. I did not get my color right and kept adding and adding food color. I searched for the right color and forgot to turn the mixer of in between. While using the icing it did not look different but after drying it got this cracks and I knew I overbeat it. First I wanted to redo them but now I love the...
winter forest cake
I baked so many fancy frosted cakes in the last month, but today I'm craving something more simple but still delicious and special looking. So I just baked this chocolate bundt cake in my favorite bundt pan*. I used my standard recipe but added 50g cocoa powder, 50g sugar und 5 tablespoons of milk.
chocolate star cookies
For this chocolate cookies you need the following ingredients:

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