chocolate flame truffles

chocolate flame truffles

I took out my amazing flame truffle mould* from Silikomart and made a few pieces for my Christmas truffle collection.


The recipes are very simple, but for the chocolates to shine and not to bloom you have to temper the chocolate*. My favorite method for this is with cocoa butter*. I have carefully melted the chocolate over a water bath and let it cool down to 33°C. Then stir in 1% cocoa butter* (i.e. 1g for 100g chocolate) until it has melted completely. For this it is useful to use a high resolution scale* and a thermometer* to choose the right time and amount. 


Pour the chocolate into the moulds just below the rim (these squeezer bottles* are very good for this purpose), let it cool slightly and then press the desired filling into it. I used cranberries, hazelnuts, marzipan balls and small marshmallows*.  

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