monster cupcakes

star monster cupcake

Hi everybody, this is my very first post ever. Come and join me on the baking journey :-)


Like you might have already noticed, this is about cupcakes and not just simple boring normal cupcakes. This is about spooooky monster cupcakes (ok some of them are more funny then spooky). So, buckle up and let's get started.

monster cupcakes
star monster cupcake and boss cupcake

The first step is to gather all the ingrediencies and bake some cupcakes with your favorite recipe. It really doesn't matter if they are chocolate, vanilla or any other kind, but I prefer for this monster cupcakes a dough which is rising smoothly while baking so you are not ending up with cupcakes with a huge bump in the middle. Anyway, if this happens there is always the option to just cut this part off ;-) If you don't have a recipe at hand you can use this basic cupcake recipe

cupcake dough
filling baking cups
filling baking cups

I haven chosen some vanilla cupcakes with chocolate sprinkles and they turned out just perfect for what they are needed. Wouldn't have been the first time a cupcake was not rising at all or totally overflowing ;-) but that's why I'm telling you, stick to a recipe which you can rely on.

baked cupcakes
baked cupcakes

Now you are ready to get started with the fun stuff. You need the following ingrediences:

monster cupcake ingrediences

- cupcake liners

- food color*

- candy eyes*

- decorating tips* (for piping bags*)

- cookies like mini OREOs or similar

- frosting mix in white color

Don't get confused by the frosting brand. I'm from Germany so I don't have a huge selection of frosting mixes available. I normally use this desert mix, but substitute the milk in the recipe with cream to get a stiff frosting. They come in different flavors but I prefer this one because it's white and easy to dye. Every other time I forget to filter out the chocolate sprinkles before mixing it and have to do it all over, but not this time :-p.


When the icing is ready you can dye it in the colors you like. I have chosen the colors to match the baking cups I had within reach. Prepare some piping bags with different tips and fill them with the frosting. I have tried out many different tips so whatever you chose will be fine and give the cupcakes an individual look.

dyed frosting
prepared piping bags

Now you are ready to pipe your cupcakes. I used the couplers for the piping bags to be able to switch the tips in between and get more different looks.

piping cupcakes
piping cupcakes
piped cupcakes

when your cupcakes are piped, there are just the monster faces left. Use your imagination, doesn't matter if 1, 2 or 3 eyes a monster isn't ready till it has a mouth out of a tasty cookie (like a piece of a mini OREO, but you might find other substitutes). That's how this little guys appeared :-)

monstercupcake friends

And even more of them :-p.

Thank you for joining and feel free to comment and share this post with your friends.

monster cupcakes

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    Super farbenfrohe Muffins

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    I read all your posts so far. Great!