carrot cupcakes

 carrot cupcakes - last minute Easter treat

If you have the same issue like me, it's Easter and you didn't have time to bake a fancy Easter themed cake, here is some help. This are super easy carrot cupcakes which you can bake as a last minute Easter treat.

Start with baking some chocolate cupcakes. Doesn't matter if they have an uneven look, in fact it gives the cupcakes a nice touch if they have cracks and different shapes, as they represent the field the carrots grow on. Now take a Wilton tip 1M and 2A to cut an hole (or two, three, ...) into the cupcake.

use wilton tip 1M and 2A to cut out hole in chocolate cupcake
use wilton tip 1M and 2A to cut out hole in chocolate cupcake

Now you prepare some frosting and dye about 3/4 of it in orange. The rest will get a green color to represent the carrot tops. Fill the frosting into two piping bags with a Wilton tip 12 and 32.

frosting in orange and green

Now it's time to fill the holes in the cupcakes with "carrots" and pipe an additional green spot onto them for the carrot tops.

--> Within a few minutes you get a bunch of super cute Easter cupcakes.

pipe orange frosting into cupcakes
pipe green spot as carrot top

super cute carrot cupcakes - easy Easter treat

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