panda cupcakes

panda cupcake

Today we are going to bake this fun panda cupcakes :-) Don't be afraid, they just look this complicated but in the end it's easy to decorate them. 


First you are baking the cupcakes. I decided for chocolate cupcakes but any other kind is working good as well. While the cupcakes are cooling you can already create a white frosting. I used cream cheese frosting because it tasts good with shredded coconut. It doesn't have to be to stiff to work for the pandas.

chocolate cupcakes
creamcheese frosting

For decorating the pandas you need the following ingrediants:

-shredded coconut

-black* and white icing*

-dark chocolate morsels*

ingredients for panda cupcakes

1. Pipe the cream cheese frosting onto the cupcakes.

frosted cupcake

2. Dunk them into shredded coconut.

cucpake dunked into shredded coconut

3. Swirl the cupcake in the coconut shreds till it's evenly coated.

flooded body

4. Now assemble the chocolate morsels. Place two with the bottom up as the eyes and one rotated 90° as the nose. Two more have to be stuck into the upper corners as the ears. 

assembled face

5. Pipe white icing onto the eyes. 

icing the eyes

6. Add the pupils and the mouth with the black icing and finished is your panda cupcake.

panda cupcake

If you like the pandas you will also love the beavers :-)

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