meringue frosting

egg white frosting

It took me some time but I finally was able to try out this meringue frosting and I have to say I really like as well the taste as also the consistency. If you like marshmallows you will also love this. I was a little concerned for the use of raw egg whites but I found for me the alternative of already pasteurized egg whites. You can easily store it over month and you don't have to worry what to do with the yolks. 


For the meringue frosting you use per egg white (about 30ml), 60g canning sugar 2:1 and 40ml water. Bring the sugar and water mixture to a boil while constantly stirring. Lower the heat and let it boil till it comes to a temperature of 116°C. In the meanwhile beat the egg whites and after the temperature is reached slowly und constantly beating mix in the sugar mixture. Beat till you get a smooth frosting. 

ingredient egg white frosting
egg white frosting

The meringue frosting is super easy to dye. I used in this case violet, peach and pink, but just marbled the frosting and filled in different piping bags, alternating colors.

food color
piping tip
egg white frosting

Now decorate the cake with the frosting and add a few sugar pearls as well for decoration.

egg white frosting

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