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leopard or spider web mirror glaze
I have seen this beautiful effect so often on pictures but never found an understandable and easy recipe which really worked. After many trials which did not work out so well I nearly gave up, but I'm glad I went on and now I'm able to show you this step by step tutorial. This time I added a crunch layer to the cake itself. For this you mix 50g of cereals with 50g of melted white chocolate and fill it in a small silicon mold* which was layered with plastic wrap. Freeze for about an hour before...
egg white frosting
It took me some time but I finally was able to try this meringue frosting and I have to say I really like as well the taste and also the consistency. If you like marshmallows you will also love this. I was a little concerned for the use of raw egg whites but I found for me the alternative of already pasteurized egg whites*. You can easily store it over month and you don't have to worry what to do with the yolks. For the meringue frosting you use per egg white (about 30ml), 60g gelling sugar...
Drip Cake
After I saw some cakes with this cool technique, I just had to try it on a cake and have put together this tutorial for you. Actually it works the same way as a normal drip cake, only you do the drip on the twisted cake. If you use the upside-down method, this is ideal, as the cake is in the right position anyway.
colorful pear slices
Today I prepared this beautiful colored pear slices. They are quiet simple but so great for cake decoration, without much effort.
buttercream stripes
You probable have seen as well all of this great striped cakes and thought about how to achieve this beautiful effect. It looks complicated but is in fact really simple, so I made a step by step tutorial for you.
sharp edge on cake
I love cakes with sharpe edges so I made a tutorial for you how to do this step by step. You can use any kind of buttercream or ganache like I did in the tutorial. Before you can start with the cake you need to prepare the chocolate ganache for which I use the following ratios, depending on the type of chocolate: dark chocolate* 2 : 1 cream milk chocolate* 2.5 : 1 cream white chocolate* 3 : 1 cream Heat the cream on low heat, add the chocolate and wait until it melted. If it does not melt...
mirror glaze
I'm so happy to be able to share this recipe today with you. After many trials of which some of them really annoyed me because it didn't turn out at all like I wanted it, I have figured out the best way to create a mirror glaze cake and I will share it with you. There are ready to use mirror glaze mixtures in the supermarkets available now and from the description it looks like it's totally simple and you don't have to pay attention to anything. Believe me, this is a wrong impression. There are...
drip cake
As creating a drip cake is such a popular topic I wanted to show you this tutorial as well in the basic section. In this way you don't have to sear for a special cake and can just look up how to do it step by step here.
I have tried a lot of nobake cheesecake recipes and came to the conclusion this is the best variant. I use it with or without cake base, on top of sponge cake or in silicon molds. It's good to freeze and unfreeze as well.
basic cupcake recipe
This is a basic recipe you can use and modify for every kind of cupcakes. If you want chocolate cupcakes just add some cocoa powder. If you want to add nuts, fruits or chocolate sprinkles this works as well just make sure to adjust the amount of milk depending if you are adding dry or wet ingredients.

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