basic bundt cake

basic bundt cake recipe

This cake I baked a lot in my childhood with my mom and I still love it. You can bake a bundt pan or use it as cake base if you want something more stable as a sponge cake. It is in both cases very tasty.

ingredients for bundt cake


- 4 eggs

- 250g butter

- 180g sugar

- 1 package of vanilla sugar

- 1/8l egg liqueur

- 250g flour

- 1 package baking powder


If you like, chocolate or sugar sprinkles.

Seperate the egg yolks from the white and beet the white to stiff peaks. Mix egg yolks, butter, sugar and vanilla sugar till you have a smooth dough. Add first the egg liqueur and then flour and baking powder. Now fold in the egg white and if you like some sprinkles. Fill in your preferred pan and bake about 60min at 180°C convection setting (test with a tooth pick and adjust the time).  

basic bundt cake recipe

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