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tutorial for sugar foam
For my next cake, I have already prepared part of the decoration today. After a long time I made this cool sugar foam again and thought I would share the recipe with you. It works really easy with only two ingredients and the effect is just great.
adjustable bake molds
You might have recognize that I use for all my baking adjustable cake ring molds*. Because very often questions come up, how you keep the dough inside the mold, I wanted to show you my method. There are different methods like using bread crumbs along the lower edge, some dough which you bake before filling in the rest of the dough or to wrap them with parchment paper. I find all of this methods way to time consuming or complicated. My mom thought me a way easier method with two cake molds* in...
chocolate chocolate muffins
The best chocolate muffins ever. Also great as base for cupcakes.
sprinkle fault line cake
I'm so happy to show you today this step by step tutorial for a sprinkle fault line cake. This is the hottest, brand new cake trend. You for sure saw already one of this super smooth cakes with a crack of sprinkles, crystals or sugar pearls*. I'm so in love with this elegant cakes. If you think about how to get the buttercream totally smooth, have a look into the sharp edge tutorial. You can us any kind of cake and filling for this technic. To cover the cake I used American buttercream out of...
basic bundt cake recipe
This cake I baked a lot in my childhood with my mom and I still love it. You can bake a bundt pan or use it as cake base if you want something more stable as a sponge cake. It is in both cases very tasty.