succulent cupcakes

succulent cupcakes

This mini cupcakes I baked already a few month ago, but didn't have the time yet to post the tutorial for it. Maybe you recognize the cupcakes from my Facebook profile picture. 

ingredients succulent cupcakes

You need to the following ingredients and tools:

- piping bags

- Wilton tip 32, 224 and 2

- optional rubber bands to close the piping bags

- frosting (you can use ready-to-use or buttercream e.g.)

- food colors

The cupcakes have simple vanilla muffins as base (you can use this recipe), which are decorated after they are cooled down. Dye 3/4 of the frosting in green, the rest divide in a little portion white and the rest in red/pink/yellow, whichever color you want your cupcake blossoms to have. Fill the green frosting into the piping bag with tip 32 and pipe some cactus onto your cupcakes. 

succulent cupcakes

Now add the blossoms with the piping tip 224 onto the cactus and some white dots with tip 2 and finished are your pretty succulent cupcakes. 

succulent cupcakes

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