wild berry cheesecake


Today we bake a delicious wild berry cheesecake together. This consists of a layer of cake, blue- and blackberries, of course the cheesecake, and a thin layer of fruit glaze.


Bake a cake layer and let it cool down.  


For the cheesecake you need the following ingredients:
- 900g cream cheese
- 150g sugar
- 300 ml (not whipped) cream
- 9 leafs of gelatine* and some water



and for the berries and the fruit glaze:
- 600g wild berries (blue and blackberries or raspberries)
- 2 leafs of gelatine* and some water


Now you can start to stack the cake. Place the cake layer on a cake board* or a cake plate and put a layer of cake collar* around it. Afterwards, tighten around the base an adjustable cake ring mold* so no gap can be seen between the ring and the base. Now put about 200g of berries aside and stack the rest along the edge so they cover the cake ring up to a height of 2-3cm if possible without any gaps. Now you can spread the remaining berries on the cake layer.


Now prepare the cheesecake by mixing cream cheese, sugar and cream and adding the gelatine prepared according to the package instructions. Spread this immediately from the inside to the outside of the cake, taking care not to mix the berries into the mixture. The surface does not have to be completely smooth. When the cheesecake has briefly set, you can immediately prepare the fruit glaze. Puree the remaining 200g of berries, prepare 2 leafs of gelatine according to the instructions, mix it into the puree and immediately spread it evenly on the cheesecake. Now the cake has to set completely overnight in the refrigerator before you remove the cake ring mold* and in the last step carefully peel off the cake collar*


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