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Today I made a small cake for a strawberry fan who actually prefers fruit over cake :-) but for her birthday there has to be a cake anyway. The cake was frosted with Marshmallow Fluff buttercream (250g butter whipped + 200g Marschmallow Fluff* and a splash of white food coloring*) using my approved method for sharp edges. I first applied only white buttercream and in the last step I applied some red* coloured buttercream and spread it with the cake scraper*. Unfortunately you can't see the...
coconut berry cheesecake
Today I baked this delicious coconut berry cheesecake. You only need a tart pan (the German variant which has a indentation)* and the following ingredients:
mermaid cake with sugar foam and macarons
Today I can finally show you my mermaid cake, for which I have been working for weeks on the decoration.
Mother's Day cake
For Mother's Day, I made this little cake. You only need piping bags* and different small piping tips for the decoration. I used the piping tips 10*, 21*, 224* and 32* and prepared a sweetened condensed milk (250g butter whipped and slowly fold in a can of sweetened condensed milk) which I partly dyed in red*. To make the rest of the buttercream white I used white food colouring*. First you draw a heart on the cake with a food pen* and fill it alternately with dots in red. Then you fill the...
pastel cake with meringue frosting
Today it's going to be pastel :-) I like such soft tones and I think they come out nicely on a cake.
Easter cake with bunny out of sprinkles
Since I totally miscalculated the amount of buttercream in my bunny cake and didn't want to throw away the rest of the buttercream, I decided to try another technique. My neighbors were also happy about an Easter cake :-)
easter bunny cake
Even in times like these I wanted to bake an Easter cake for my family. Since the Easter Bunny also wants to protect you from the Corona virus, he responsibly wears a face mask when he visits you, since he comes into contact with a lot of people. To cut the cake it is removable.
sugar sheet cake
The brand new cake trend 2020 is the decoration with sugar sheets. This is a sugar layer which is placed around the cake or used for decoration. You can achieve amazing effects and the variations are almost limitless. Here I show you how you can easily create a cake with a sugar sheet.
Today we bake a delicious wild berry cheesecake together. This consists of a layer of cake, blue- and blackberries, of course the cheesecake, and a thin layer of fruit glaze. Bake a cake layer and let it cool down. For the cheesecake you need the following ingredients: - 900g cream cheese - 150g sugar - 300 ml (not whipped) cream - 9 leafs of gelatine* and some water and for the berries and the fruit glaze: - 600g wild berries (blue and blackberries or raspberries) - 2 leafs of gelatine* and...
heart cake with cut out effect
Today I will show you how to create this cool cut-out effect on a cake and bake at the same time a lovely Valentine's Day cake for my sweetheart.

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