crystal cake

crystal cake

If you don't feel like mirror glaze, or a silicone mold where you want to highlight rather than cover the structure, then this method might be an alternative for you. I have this great Silikomart mold* where I find it a pity if the contours are not highlighted properly. For this reason I made a gelatin mass. After soaking, I carefully warmed this mass in a pot and colored it with purple food coloring*. Then I brushed the silicone mold with the gelatin mass and let it dry slightly. After the mass has dried, I filled the molds with cheesecake and put it in the freezer over night. If you want, you can also put a crunch base, sponge cake or a mini muffin in it. 

Silikomart mini gemma

After you demolded the cakes you can see the beautiful structure. You can also vary the results with different amount of gelatin.

crystal cake

Falls euch dieses Törtchen gefällt, schaut doch mal bei meiner Spiderweb-Mirror-Glaze vorbei. 

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