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crystal cake
If you don't feel like mirror glaze, or a silicone mold where you want to highlight rather than cover the structure, then this method might be an alternative for you. I have this great Silikomart mold* where I find it a pity if the contours are not highlighted properly. For this reason I made a gelatin mass. After soaking, I carefully warmed this mass in a pot and colored it with purple food coloring*. Then I brushed the silicone mold with the gelatin mass and let it dry slightly. After the...
Today I explain you how to create this super easy sweet sugar cones, with meringue frosting and chocolate cover.
meringue rings
After the meringue cookies I baked last week turned out well, I did another trial run with my new Sultane piping tip*. The first trial was a total disaster, so I packet it away and every intention to not use it for a long time, but I'm glad I tried again. They could have turned out more even and I still need some training but this time they turned out quite well. You can find the recipe for the meringue cooked here.
meringue cookies
It was time to bake meringue cookies again. I love this little treats which are so easy to make and still so tasty. You can also use them for decorating a cake or dessert. It just takes some time to dry them so you have to be patient. The first step is to preheat the oven to 80°C and prepare in the meanwhile the meringue cookies. I used 35g of Meringue Powder* and 120ml cold water, which you have to beat till you get stiff peaks. Add now gradually 200g of sugar and if you like citrus flavor or...
Brownies mit Eiweißcreme
At the moment I'm really excited about this meringue frosting, so I thought it would be great to combine it with chocolate brownies. You can find the recipe for the meringue frosting here and the decoration was very simple. I just filled a piping bag* with a piping a small star-tip* and covered the sides with a blob of gel food colors* in pink, orange and turquoise. Then simply fill in the meringue frosting and piped it on.
christmas tree pastry
Easy christmas tree pastry out of puff pastry
raspberry pastry
This time we are baking simple raspberry pastries in two different sizes. The great thing is you can just grab some puff pastry out of a grocery store and within an hour you can enjoy this delicious treat (for sure you can also bake the puff pastry yourself).