winter forest cake

winter forest cake

I baked so many fancy frosted cakes in the last month, but today I'm craving something more simple but still delicious and special looking. So I just baked this chocolate bundt cake in my favorite bundt pan. I used my standard recipe but added 50g cocoa powder, 50g sugar und 5 tablespoons of milk. 

chocolate bundt cake
Royal Icing trees

For the decoration I made little trees out of Royal Icing. You will need the following ingredients:

- white sugar sprincles

- wooden skewer

- Royal Icing (powdered sugar, Meringue Powder, water and food color)  

- a plastic bottle with a Wilton tip 2 or similar

- a plate which is flat and fits into the oven


For the Royal Icing I use a very simple recipe with 1,5 teaspoons of meringue powder with 250g of powdered sugar, some vanilla extract and about 50-100ml water. How much water you really need you will see when you have whipped the icing and added the food color. The consistency should be not to runny so it doesn not completely bleeds into each other. You can fill it into the bottle and put the skewers onto your plate with a piece of baking sheets on top. Now you can start to pipe the trees always across the skewer. The tip of the tree should just be above the top end of the skewer. Add the sugar sprinkles as long as the icing is still soft and put the plate into your oven to dry the icing without heat on the convection setting. You can dry them out in the air but they will dry faster and be more shiny if you do it in the oven. When they are completely dryed you can carfully peal them off the paper and put them on the cake, which I decorated a little bit of white Royal Icing.

winter forest cake

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