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christmas tree cookies
Did it ever happen to you, that you made a total beginners mistake again after years? Yes today is the day. I made so often Royal Icing that I can't count anymore but this time it went totally wrong. I did not get my color right and kept adding and adding food color. I searched for the right color and forgot to turn the mixer of in between. While using the icing it did not look different but after drying it got this cracks and I knew I overbeat it. First I wanted to redo them but now I love the...
chocolate star cookies
For this chocolate cookies you need the following ingredients:
colorful coconut macaroon
Today I baked this quick colorful coconut macaroons. Just whip 4 egg white and fold in 250g of sugar and 250g coconut flakes. To give them the nice shape I used a piping bag* with an star tip*. Paint 3 stripes of food color* into the piping bag and fill in the coconut mixture. Now pipe the macaroons onto wafer paper and let them bake for about 20min at 160°C.
monster cookies
Today we are going to bake this funny monster cookies. You need to start 2-3 days before you need them because the cute monster eyes need to be done first and at least dry for 24h. I used the same colours for the bodies and the eyes but if you are just going for white eyes you can also do them in advance and store them in a dry place like a plastic box. If you don't want to have that much effort you can also buy sugar eyes* and use them.
unicorn cookies
I thought a long time about creating a unique unicorn cookie because let's face it: Everybody loves unicorns! I looked at a lot of cookie cutters but couldn't find one which I liked so I had to recreate another cookie shape into a unicorn. After looking again at many different cookie cutters I spotted a speech bubble cutter* and guess what reminded me of a unicorn? First step for sure is to bake the cookies (you can use this vanilla cookie recipe) and then you need to draw the shape of the...
christmas pattern cookies - 3 ways
Hi everybody. Just one more day till Christmas Eve :-) and I realized I haven't baked any Christmas cookies this year. Yes I know it's shocking but with my stressful work I didn't find time to bake cookies till today. That's why some last-minute cookies with different christmas pattern have been on my to do list. You will see, there are a lot of different options with some simple circle shaped cookies and royal icing in white, red and green. I use this squeezer bottles* to apply the icing.
cookie jars with funny candy shaped cookies and button cookies
I'm always thinking about unique birthday presents for friends and family. This time I came up with this cookie jars. Actually, I already wanted to bake them before Christmas, but didn't find the time, but anyway ... you can eat cookies year round. I couldn't decide which design I found more interesting so I ended up with baking as well the funny buttons as some candy cookies which turned out really cute.
lazy lizard cookies
Coooooookies!!! Don't worry I didn't turn into the cookie monster but admit it, you like cookies as well. Doesn't matter if it's Christmas time or not. And there is so much you can do with cookies. You can even store them for some time (if you have willpower and don't eat them all at once). Today we are going to create this funny lazy lizard cookies. This is one of the cutest cookie cutters I every bought. First step for every cookie is the cookie dough. You can use this vanilla cookie dough...